Universal UV Light Sanitizer

Smartphones, TV remote controls, glasses, pens and other items you use on a daily basis are often contaminated with dangerous viruses and germs.  A Mental Floss article titled Infographic: The Dirtiest Surfaces in Hotel Rooms discusses a study on bacteria levels in hotel rooms.  The study found that TV remote controls are often highly contaminated with numerous dangerous bacteria. 

Cleanintuv is an ideal way to clean a TV remote control, cell phone, keys or almost any item that will fit in its large interior.  Antimicrobial Test Laboratories conducted a study on the efficacy of an earlier version of the cleanintuv.  The results showed a reduction of more than 99.999% in Staphylococcus aureus and a reduction of more than 99.9% in C. difficile. 

Please note that cleanintuv is not intended for cleaning medical devices.

MSRP is $249.95


CleanintUV is a patented, revolutionary way to destroy 99.99% of germs.  Simply place an item inside, and a smart sensor will begin the cleaning process using powerful UV light.  In as little as 30 seconds, your device comes out clean and ready for use.  Safe for all electronic or other handheld devices.

CleanintUV is perfect for use in the home, school, work, daycare, hospitals and medical offices, hotels and anywhere germs can be shared.  Protect yourself and others from the spread of infection, with CleanintUV.

  • Proven UV-C Light Technology
  • Kills Over 99% Of Germs and Viruses
  • Ultra Fast 30 Second Cleaning Time
  • Bulb Life Lasts For Over 1 Million Cycles