•A simple way for you to manage the health screening process



  • Download and install the Clear2 app from Google Play or the Apple App Store.
  • Complete the registration process by entering your name, email address, a password, and checking the box to agree to the terms of service. You can also enter your organization’s invite code at this time, if necessary.
  • Tap Sign Up. Your registration is now active and you’ll be taken to the Login screen.
  • Tap Login. You can now login using the email address and password you created.
  • Allow the app to take pictures and record video, when prompted. This enables facial and voice recognition features of the Clear2 system.


  • Tap Begin to start the Daily Health Screening. You may also schedule an appointment with a medical professional via Telehealth at this point.
  • Tap CDC Best Practices. Acknowledge and complete this section by reading each item and tapping the acknowledgment button.
  • Tap Health Check. Answer each question honestly and submit your answers.
  • Check your temperature at home or skip it and use the Clear2 Kiosk at your work location.
  • Submit your screening information.


  • Show My Status will reflect whether or not you’ve completed your Daily Health Screening. A yellow screen indicates that your screening is complete needs to be validated at the Clear2 Kiosk at your workplace. A red screen indicates that you are not cleared to enter your work location.
  • Validation allows you to scan a QR code posted at your workplace. You must scan the Validation code and receive Clear2 approval to enter.
  • Check In to your workplace if you leave and need to re-enter anytime during the day; scan the Check In QR code each time you return to gain entry. Your validated status will expire before the next workday begins.
  • You must complete the screening, validation, and check in each workday.

If your answers to the Daily Health Screening indicate that you may be affected by COVID-19, you will not be cleared to go to your work location.

  • Alert your supervisor immediately. You may also wish to schedule a Telehealth appointment through the Clear2 app.
  • Your company administrator will receive email notification of your status.
  • Show my Status will reflect Not Cleared; you will be unable to move forward in the app or enter a Clear2 location.


•Individuals simply stand at the Clear2 Kiosk upon arrival and are scanned thermally to get a temperature reading.

•If the user has a normal temperature reading, a QR code will populate on the Kiosk to be scanned with the Clear2 app.

•If the user has an elevated temperature, the QR code will not appear and a notification alert will be sent immediately to the company Clear2 administrator.


The Individual Daily Report lets you check employees’ compliance and pre-screening status – daily, weekly, or monthly.

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