ScholarChip provides a platform that promotes an engaging, safe and supportive school climate to foster student success.

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Behavior Management
A modern, paperless and web-based behavior management and
intervention tool that teaches better behavior and monitors progress
throughout a student’s career.

Automated Attendance
Multi-point student attendance (bus, classroom, building, event) can be
collected automatically, allowing students to be accountable for their daily
attendance and administrators to review attendance patterns or exceptions.

Visitor Management
A powerful, web-based system that automates visitor data collection,
secures entries and maintains historical data on all incoming campus visitors
across a school building or district.

Access Control
The latest generation of physical door access systems that leverages newer
technologies, such as IoT devices and built-in intelligence.

Issue high volume, contactless, smart ID cards to students and sta to
facilitate attendance, door access control, food purchases and more.

School Automation
Simple yet powerful automation tools create a more productive work
environment for your school sta.