Wrist Scanning for Fast, AccurateTemperature Scans

See the Temperature Pole In Action

  • Less than 2 Seconds to Scan
  • Constantly checking the ambient temperature to keep calibrated
  • Fast and accurate temperature measurement with a functional design for comprehensive analysis of personnel in crowded areas
  • Non-contact wrist temperature detection module measurement range is between 86°F to 113°F with 0.18°F accuracy at a distance between 1/3” to 1”
  • Supports real-time statistics of the total number of temperature measurements, normal and abnormal number of people
  • Real-time display of measured temperature, normal and abnormal temperature counts
  • Stainless steel bracket and pole with adjustable heights
  • Ideal for rapid temperature screening applications in smaller areas such as schools, offices, retail, restaurants, and small worship facilities
Temperature Measurement Pole Screen Shots
Temperature Measurement Pole Screen Shots
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