Wello’s automated, touchless temperature check stations lower the risk of contagious illness in your workplace and keep operations humming along at full speed.

The only automated, FDA-cleared no-touch clinical thermometer

Rest easy knowing you’ve done your part to keep facilities safe for employees and visitors. Wello’s rapid, non-intrusive facial scan catches even subtle temperature elevations that could indicate infection.

  • A touchless temperature screening kiosk identifies potential infections
  • Alerts are sent when someone scans above the temperature threshold
  • Employees and visitors enter the building wearing a Wello badge
  • READ FDA Approval at the download below

The safest, most accurate option for lowering employee health risks. Wello is the only automated, touchless FDA-cleared clinical thermometer—you’ll never have to expose your staff to unnecessary risk.

See the full FDA documentation here welloinc.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/K180298_wellostationx_fda.pdf

Recieve SMS alerts for elevated temperatures

Get instant alerts when someone scans above the threshold

Easily configure your welloStationX to alert the appropriate employee or department leader when a kiosk detects an elevated temperature.

  • Adjust your temperature threshold from the wello baseline
  • Eliminate the need to designate a full-time role to temperature monitoring
  • Get alerts via SMS or email in real-time and view the live feed of scans

You see data on employee scans

  • Alerts flag elevated temperatures
  • Managers access historical health reports
  • Integrate data with your other systems

Add user profiles to track employee and vendor data

Create user IDs and track historical data for each employee and vendor that enters the building.

  • Track baseline temperatures over time
  • Add department and vendor information for more targeted alerting
  • Manage complexity and compliance requirements easily
  • Integrate with your time and attendance system

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