How welloStationX measures elevated temperature

Learn To be effective, your temperature screening tools must be safe and accurate. welloStationX is the only automated, touchless clinical thermometer that has received FDA clearance as a Class II Medical Device. Every station is powered by state-of-the-art components that produce fast, accurate results at every screening.

welloStationX  scans for elevated temperature

Wello’s no-contact, precision technology

Unlike camera-based solutions, Wello’s system architecture uses a unique combination of infrared optics, embedded sensors, and a dedicated signal processor to measure temperature from a specific area on the face. The result — an accurate and repeatable screening status for each person.

Key technologies include:

  • AI — directs the person to align with the sensors, ensuring the sensor measures the same site across all faces.
  • Infrared optics — block stray infrared from the area around the target.
  • Embedded sensors — take the measurement of the infrared optics and narrow the sensory system to the lower forehead area of the ophthalmic artery (inner canthus).
  • Dedicated signal processors — processes out infrared noise in 500 measurements per second.

The welloStationX in action

Inside every welloStationX is a complete electro-optical sensory system designed to capture body temperature readings with incomparable accuracy. The entire process happens within seconds.

1) Optional pre-screen questionnaire offsets any false positive or false negative readings

  • The kiosk screen displays a short (customizable) questionnaire to capture any potential virus symptoms and exposure.
  • If cleared, the individual proceeds with temperature screening.
  • If not cleared, the individual is blocked from proceeding.

2) Station prepares an individual for measuring their temperature

  • Facial detection confirms that a person’s face is positioned correctly at the kiosk.
  • If not, auditory and visual prompts help a person correctly position their face on the kiosk screen (optimized for those with vision or hearing impairment).
  • The system zeros in on the best area of the face to read temperature: a 1” area around the inner canthus (tear duct).

3) Infrared sensors capture readings from the target area on the face

  • A powerful semiconductor maps a vast amount of surface area to be read — 100x to 1000x more than a thermophile or camera system.
  • Using infrared optics, the semiconductor captures 500 temperature readings per second.
  • Separate infrared sensors capture data outside of the target area, removing peripheral heat from the measurement.
  • Precision thermistors obtain a reference temperature, limiting any drift or thermal shock.

4) Data is processed and a final measurement is established

  • All readings are processed by a dedicated signal-to-noise processor within the welloStationX to remove any unnecessary data.
  • The final temperature, correlated with a standard oral temperature scale, is also compared to the set temperature threshold for indication of fever.
  • All information is logged in the system.
  • The end-to-end measurement process takes less than three seconds.

5) The system determines the individual’s screening status

  • The individual receives their temperature reading and screening status on the kiosk screen.
  • If cleared, a confirmation sticker is printed.
  • If not cleared, a notification is sent to a designated manager or response team.

Automated non-contact infrared thermometers vs. thermal cameras

Wello is the only automated, FDA-cleared non-contact infrared thermometer, producing more accurate results than lower quality camera-based systems. Automated Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer (NCIT)Thermal Camera