Identifies individuals brandishing guns at a distance.

Evolv Extend™ identifies individuals brandishing guns at distances up to 100 feet, depending on gun type and orientation, by analyzing 4K high-resolution video streams and leveraging AI.

Combining Selected Cameras and AI

Once a potential threat is detected, a comprehensive image, highlighting the detected gun, along with live annotated video footage from the relevant camera, is transmitted to the onsite security staff, or First Reactor, positioned near the Express system. 

This early warning is designed to help empower security teams to swiftly implement emergency operational procedures, like locking the doors, alerting the broader security team, and getting people to safety.


Q: Do I need to have Evolv Express to use Evolv Extend?

A: The presence of an Express system and trained staff (“First Reactors”) to manage alerts enhances the value of your layered security approach. That said, even in the absence of Evolv Express, customers can still leverage Evolv Extend by utilizing available resources to swiftly review and respond to alerts.

Q: What resolution cameras are needed for Evolv Extend?

A: 4K resolution (3840 x 2160). Lower resolution streams will likely reduce detection distance for brandished guns.

Q: How far away can Evolv Extend detect guns?

A: Expected gun detection distance is generally between 70 – 100 feet, but can vary depending on gun type, lighting, and gun orientation.

Q: Who can get Evolv Extend alerts?

A: Evolv Extend alerts are sent directly to the Evolv Extend tablet located near the entrance to enable the First Reactors to review and respond to alerts. Additionally, the command center, broader security team, and first responders receive the same image with a recorded video clip showing when the gun appeared.

Q: How fast do Evolv Extend Alerts get sent to users?

A: Evolv Extend alerts are sent swiftly to the Extend tablet and the Mobile and Desktop apps upon the detection of a probable brandished gun.