The Sphinx Logon Manager software is an easy add-on for Windows environments.
Uses building access and ID cards to secure logon to Windows, websites, applications. Conforms to industry and government standards such as  HIPAA, CJIS, and FIPS 140-2.

Ensure logon security, with Sphinx

Many of us are guilty. We don’t use the complex, unique passwords that the security industry tells us we must use to ensure logon security. Or, we can’t remember unique passwords, so we use the same password for multiple locations. Or, we tape passwords to our computer monitor.

Sphinx saves the day. Sphinx enables you to store logon information securely, so you can use strong passwords for every logon location. Best Replica Watches Sphinx enters logon information directly into logon processes, so entry cannot be observed,

What’s two-factor OR MFA authentication?

Two-factor authentication has been adopted as a recommended security standard for logical access because it adds “strong authentication” to logons. The two factors are: what you have (a card) and what you know (a PIN).The Sphinx Logon Manager software makes it easy to add two-factor authentication to any installation