The Definition of:  logical access. logical access. In computer security, being able to interact with data through access control procedures such as identification, authentication and authorization.

But the bigger question…how is the best way to implement it.

Identity and access management requirements are not one-size-fits-all, yet can be straightforward to select, deploy and manage, if you have the right partner to help. Diamond Business Partners with the leading technology companies to provide stable, secure and flexible solutions to meet any budget.

Things to consider.

One Badge for Physical and IT Access

  • Extend the functionality of existing door access badges or tokens to control access to computer terminals.
  • Eliminate passwords, increase security, reduce help desk costs and improve user satisfaction and usability.
  • Multi-​factor authentication solution that helps comply with mandates (HIPAA, EPCS, CJIS, etc.), or simply implement current security practices.

Eliminate / Simplify Passwords

  • One badge for physical and IT access.
  • Leveraging a mobile device to accept an authentication request.
  • Authentication leveraging biometric solutions (finger print, retina scan, etc.).

Highly Secure Credentials

  • Deploy PIV, PIV-I and CIV solutions to support mandates for authentication to computer terminals and servers, email encryption and signature, and other uses.
  • Complete solution to elevate the security of the entire organization, providing a complete solution which includes restricted credentials for targeted users.

Single Sign-On

  • Simplify the end user experience and enhance network and application security while significantly reducing password-related help desk calls.

Email Monitoring

  • Real-time monitoring of email activity (not content) to detect suspicious activity or abuse of elevated privilege accounts.

Secure Mobile Devices

  • Encryption: Deploy a Public-Key Infrastructure (PKI) solution to secure Windows access and encrypt email to provide secure access to email for employees from mobile devices.
  • Windows 365: Enable 2 factor authentication to Office 365 and ADFS applications from mobile devices.

Remote Access

  • One card for One Time Password (OTP) and Windows authentication, eliminating the need for OTP tokens which are both c​ostly and disliked by employees.
  • Leverage a mobile device or laptop soft token.
  • Deploy traditional OTP solutions that leverage a hard token.