Evolv technology eliminates the need to choose between preventing threats from entering campus and maintaining a welcoming environment that allows students and staff to move quickly through screening, No waiting in lines. Welcoming, non-threatening experience. Frictionless, optimized flow. No stopping. No emptying pockets. School safety is critical and it is time for the methodology to change.

A safer world; a better student experience

Imagine your students, faculty and visitors walking through a weapons-screening system as they enter your school building without stopping, emptying their pockets or bags, or waiting in line. Today it’s possible to provide enhanced safety without sacrificing the welcoming experience we’ve come to expect at school. Evolv Technology is revolutionizing security screening by combining advanced sensors and AI to protect students, faculty, and visitors during school hours and at a variety of other indoor and outdoor school activities and events from concealed weapons. Learn more though the videos below.

Transform School Culture and Security

Screen 4000 Students and Hour

Evolv Express™ Grabs Highest Spot in the Electronic Security Equipment Software & Services, “Inspection & Detection Equipment” Category


Its patented systems combine AI and sensors to differentiate and identify threats from personal items, allowing students to quickly pass through screening.

The technology, which can screen 3600 people per hour, does not require emptying pockets or removing bags and people can walk side-by-side through the detectors. The technology also allows for targeted searches, showing in real-time where the potential threat is on a person’s body.

To ensure a successful implementation at schools, Evolv developed a proprietary implementation methodology in a “Playbook” that is provided to school customers during the deployment planning process providing best-practice insights into security system design, concept of operations, user support services, and staff training.

Provides 70% Savings & Operational Efficiency

With 10X the flow of metal detectors, far fewer systems are needed. And, by drastically reducing nuisance alarms, fewer staff members are required to operate the system.