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SPOTLIGHT: BadgePass Credential Management

BadgePass is the fastest-growing credential management company in the industry.  Revolutionizing identification by creating the industry’s premier credential management system.

BadgePass is the only Identity Platform that integrates Photo ID, Visitor Management and Access Control!   Best of all, its modular design allows for easy integration and expandability in one centralized location.  Enhance your security program by simply adding BadgePass modules as your identification needs evolve and your budget allows.


Proximity cards have been the standard in access control for years. But now they are no longer considered as secure and one of the easiest credentials to clone. See how easily this can happen and then call us and let us help you migrate your access control security to the next level.

What Sets Diamond Business Apart?

New Technology

Based on the latest secure technology to ensure your identity solutions are robust.

Time to Update?

Don't be left behind while your technology rockets past you. Utilize our knowledge and the latest technology to help you stay ahead of the curve and automate processes. We are here to help!

Financing Options

Ask about the different options we offer. Monthly Investment, Rentals...

Monthly Payments

Stable technology is a critical, bottom-line issue for any entity.  We offer businesses financing for continuous access to the latest technology with no threat of obsolescence. Easy Monthly payments!

Custom Solutions

None of that one-size-fits-all business here! DBS creates the perfect fit for your business.

Unique to you

We work hard to create a solution that is uniquely yours to meet your needs. Relationship-centric sales mean we listen to your needs and future plans and budget needs.

Service Options

Unlike those on-line box movers, we take pride in providing on-site service to our customers.

What works best for you?

Our service reps can meet you in your office to provide comprehensive installation, service &  training.  If depot service is what you want - we can do that as well.

Customer Service

Every one of our customers is important! We promise to support you and empower your business.

Rule #1

If we don't take care of our customers, somebody else will!  With nearly 40 years of experience, we believe in 1st Class Support.

Use one technology  card...

  • for building attendance and know who is present and who is absent in real time.
  • for classroom attendance for fast, accurate data that complies with state mandates.
  • for staff attendance to automate time clock accounting for accurate, real-time payroll
  • with smartphones and tablets and go mobile.
  • for mobile hall monitoring and automatically create discipline events.
  • with the SALA App, staff members can track student ID cards in a non-classroom location like the nurse's office.
  • to open doors; lock them down with a quick click from the Management Site.
  • to buy lunch and save free and reduced lunch students from lunch-shaming.
  • for bus attendance and know where your students are.

A true one card solution.

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