Streamline the attendance process in timely, cost-effective ways

AUTOMATED ATTENDANCE improves accuracy, helps students, saves time, saves money

ScholarChip’s integrated, automated attendance service makes taking attendance quick, easy, and cost efficient. Mobile kiosks means attendance can be taken at the school entrance, cafeteria, the gym, and the auditorium; desk and door readers make classroom attendance accurate, every time; bus readers streamline transportation.

Unlike SIS-generated attendance, ScholarChip’s system starts with all students absent until they tap in; your real-time population data is extremely accurate, easy to report, and audit-ready.

Improved school attendance means higher student success rates; ours real-time reports means you can flag at-risk students and intervene sooner, for better educational outcomes.

See Just How Quickly Students Can Tap-In

Download the file to learn how attendance tracking in Texas is working.

See how ScholarChip provides a visual record of Present, Absent and Tardty.