Respond in real time with AI-powered video intelligence

VOLT’s AI Brain continuously monitors user-defined parameters across thousands of cameras with exceptional accuracy and consistency. When an incident is detected, it triggers a user-defined notification and escalation within seconds. Our proprietary technology drastically reduces noise by completely eliminating all false positives, so the customer only sees real incidents that require immediate action. Combined with advanced geo-location and real-time threat tracking, the customer can respond to their incidents within seconds using their staff or 3rd party first responders like law enforcement or EMS. We give our customers Incident Management, Advanced Analytics, Video Management, Alarm Monitoring, and 911 Escalation in one easy-to-use tool.

Use your existing hardware. Should an on-site edge device be required by Volt to manage your facility, this is provided at no additional cost to you.

No vendor lock-in

Don’t get tied into one platform with inflated costs. Using Volt means you can choose whatever hardware vendor you like.

No hidden fees

Simple per-camera pricing with no additional costs or fees. Installation, onboarding, upgrades, and support are included at no additional cost.

Respond to relevant incidents in seconds.

AI never sleeps, monitoring every frame from every camera

Weapons, people, objects, cars are all tracked in real time

Actionable alerts without noise

Security practitioners have to wade through thousands of false-alarms every day, leading to fatigue and missed incidents.

Get alerts for what you need to see, not what you don’t

Reduce fatigue and respond faster to real issues

Save time and money through automation

Security incidents move fast – now you can track an incident as it happens.

Volt automatically generates 3D maps of your buildings

Map-based geolocation shows exactly where an incident is

Give first responders real-time location information

AI automatically tracks objects and people without facial recognition.

Unique signatures for each person and object

Every signature is tracked in real-time across all cameras

Automated real-time situational awareness

Auto 911

Don’t waste valuable seconds, let us call 911 for you!

Escalation to law enforcement, fire, and EMS

Nationwide coverage

First responder coordination


Advanced Facility and Video Management features