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Datacard Artista VHD Module

Vibrant Designs Drive Customer Loyalty
• Brilliant, true to life color quality allows you to print vivid, litho-like color on blank white card stock
• True over-the-edge coverage enables you to print flawlessly on uneven surfaces, including EMV chip cards
• 600dpi printing provides exceptional fine-line detail, including characters &  fonts as small as 2pt
• Print on a wide variety of card substrates to provide a unique customer experience

Reduce Operations Costs with On-Demand Printing
• Faster time to market for new & personalized designs using blank white cardstock
• Cost effectively consolidate small jobs with inline customization
• Minimize costly inventory and administration of pre-printed cards

Minimize Downtime and Optimize Print Quality
• Reduce card scrap with efficient in-line cleaning modules that bookend the system
• Keep operations running smoothly with an integrated RTM printhead cleaning and controlled air-flow system
• Easy-to-maintain supplies make changing supplies easier and less messy than other inkjet or litho printing processes

Print Visa Brand Mark
• Artista VHD Gen 2 has been approved by Visa for inline printing of the Visa Brand Mark
• Inline reproduction of the Visa Brand Mark will allow you to simplify inventory stock, reduce small job processing, and improve float aesthetics to reduce card waste.
• Entrust Datacard offers a submission support toolkit to submit card samples for VISA qualification


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