Employees already wear badge holders, why not swap it for a smart one?

The Kwema Smart Badge Reel™ contains a discreet duress button, allowing anyone to call for help within seconds. Kwema is a Swahili word, an African language, which translates to “I’m safe, I’m fine, I’m in a good place” It’s a clear and good way to explain what we provide. We’re allowing people to say, ‘I’m good.’ And also, for people to ask, “Is everything okay?’

An all-inclusive Emergency Response Protocol

No training, no charging, no fuss. Our plug-and-play technology makes for seamless adoption among your workforce.

Add an extra layer of safety to front-line workers, educators, office workers and more by simply replacing their old badge reel for a smart one. Unlike other wearable solutions on the market, Kwema Smart Badge Reel is a plug-and-play device.

Alert Security, not your attacker

Kwema Smart Badge™ works inside and outside your workplace by anonymously connecting and sharing real-time information via Bluetooth beacons placed inside a building or with a smartphone GPS.

Employees are 100% in control of when they can share their location.

Implementing Kwema has never been easier

Seamless adoption & no training required. Connect via Kwema’s App.

Monthly subscription / Per User