Many schools have implemented segments of this plan in stages. Often when budget allows or in response to issues that have incurred.  Many processes were put into place after the Columbine School Shooting which occurred in 1999. Almost 20 years ago…how much has responsive security and even proactive security changed since then?

One way to ensure seamless safety standards is to have all components working together smoothly. BadgePass has the ability to make all of that happen through one solution. Perhaps it is time for schools to review these standards and ensure that your campuses are providing a comprehensive secure identification plan. One that meets the needs of today, all while being adaptable for the future.

Wearing Visual Identification

By implementing a visual identification policy district-wide, schools can foster an environment that encourages faculty and staff to question unknown people on their campus. Many schools that we work with are requiring the visual display of identification for all faculty, staff, students and even visitors. This makes it easier to recognize unauthorized visitors in the building.

We believe the design of these cards should change each year to ensure that employees or students from the past do not have access to the buildings without permission. 

Manned Visitor Management

In the past, there was a trend to move to unmanned kiosk visitor stations, but more and more are moving away from that as they see the lack of visual verification of visitors has enabled some unwanted guest from entering the building. If individual suspects they may be on a banned list or even on a sexual offender list, why would they sign in with their correct name? Requiring a government-issued ID to be presented to a school employee to sign in is the only way to verify the person is whom they say they are.

BadgePass has the ability to log in a verified visitor in 6 seconds. Any unwanted guest will be banned from entering the school. Where there are entry vestibules there can be a reader to allow the individual to swipe their card for entry and then visually verified by the employee before receiving their visitor badge.  

Access Controlled Entry Points

Schools should manage the flow of visitor and faculty and student traffic through pre-defined entry points. More schools are implementing electronic card access systems to monitor door status and enable easy lockdown campus-wide, if necessary. To better manage traffic flow, schools should design the system to notify them when doors are propped open and make sure that the system is programmed to deactivate credentials automatically when a person(s) leaves the district and no longer needs access rights or privileges.

Instant termination of access privileges is critical to ensure there are no gaps in security. When there are more active cards than active cardholders you will experience Credential Overflow. Learn how integration Access Control with BadgePass ensure this will not happen.

Migrating away from Proximity-based access control is important. Prox Cards can be easily cloned using a $30 device found on Amazon and eBay. Learn how easily your security can be interrupted:

Integrated Video Surveillance

Anytime an event occurs in a school district, the school should be able to access real-time information within seconds. Campuses nationwide rely on video surveillance and quality reporting for accurate recall of various occurrences. In order to receive the most accurate and reliable data possible, schools should ensure their system offers fast and easy access to video footage or reporting information and avoid inaccurate data and unknown camera outages. BadgePass is proud to integrate with Video Insights and other industry leaders to ensure campus video systems stay in optimal condition.

Implementing a program that has seamless integration from all components allows a school to have a well-rounded security program. Forming a partnership with the experts in this field can help relieve some of your operations stress points and ensure that you have a comprehensive program in place.

We believe TRUE CREDENTIAL MANAGEMENT is critical for your success. 

See what we mean: Then please allow us to show you how easily we can make this happen for you.