Increasing the physical size, total number, and accessibility of the venues where consumers can receive COVID-19 vaccines is essential. Large-scale vaccinations require large-scale venues such as stadiums and civic centers.

Managing these large numbers of individuals who need the vaccine is indeed a large task.  How do we keep the lines shorter and moving quickly, but still ensuring that correct information is captured to update each states vaccine database?   Drive Thru Vaccination sites, sites held indoors, doctors’ offices, grocery store pharmacy’s – the same issue applies to all.

What if you could scan a recipient’s government ID barcode and capture the current Name, Address, Date of Birth, and Sex in under 2 seconds?  Then scan the Vaccines Level information barcode and a code used to tell a portable blue tooth printer how many labels to print and instantly have labels printed that can be added to the clients Vaccination Record as well as your own internal paperwork.  The entire process takes less than 10 seconds.

That label would also include a barcode that could be used for tracking.   PLUS, this system could be used for a variety of events, future vaccines, check at distribution efforts and more.

All portable and operator friendly.  Offering a clear, correct, and traceable record.  No more forms where you can not read the handwriting.  Faster Lines and Legible Information!!

   Today, public health departments, hospitals, pharmacies, and grocery chains are authorized to administer the vaccine, stationed at community centers, churches, schools, and other local sites.  If we can advance to where mobile units can bring the vaccine to the neighborhoods where the most vulnerable and highest risk individuals reside, we will be able to expand and expedite the process.  Mobile devices like the unit described will be a true helpmate in the War on COVID.

Stay Safe!