It is no surprise that the future of identification and physical security is ever evolving, especially in today’s society. So therefore, how can we help ensure that our clients, students, staff, and employees remain safe on a daily basis.

This is something I have thought about deeply especially in the last few months. Either going out with your friends or sitting at your desk, there is a potential for danger. The common thought that I keep coming back to is awareness. Not only in my own life but those around me.

We live in an ever evolving world where potential threats are right around the corner. But how do you prepare for these unforeseen threats? And that is the answer. Be prepared. Jeff Bezos (founder of Amazon) said it best, always think about invention when faced with an issue. Don’t think of a problem as either/or, think about a way to prepare for a situation with out of the box solutions. We hear the term “out of the box thinking” all the time. But what does that really mean. It means stopping our conventional thinking and really take a deep hard look at the situation. My brother used to say to me “be smarter than the problem Marc”. But was I really being smarter or was I simply using conventional thinking to solve the issue rather than thinking of alternative solutions.
With the growing need for security, both in the physical and identification realm, there are so many alternatives to that conventional thinking. During my 20+ years in the Identification and security industry, I have seen many different solutions and alternatives to conventional thinking. It is with that knowledge that we try to think of new inventive ways to solve a client concern. One of the things I love the most is hearing “It can’t be done”. Oh trust me, yes it can.

Here at Diamond Business Services, we use that alternative thinking to ensure that not only is the client issue solved to the best of our ability, but that we go that extra mile to ensure that the highest level of the customer experience is meet. It’s not just about customer service, it is the customer experience that truly matters.