Is your technology still stuck in the 70’s?

 Active and flexible technology is what this generation of our clients are used to and in all actuality …demand.  But when it comes to the Financial Market – so many of our institutions are still stuck with a rigid, hard coded systems that require extended lead times and high fees for changes.

All due respect to Grace Murray Hopper, who created COBOL, but as the old song goes…the times, they are a changin’.   An article by American Banker** stated “43% of American banks’ core systems are written in COBOL, a computer programming language that often dates to the 1970s. The big problem for relying on COBOL is that the people who wrote that code are now dying or retiring. They’re old. The average COBOL programmer’s age is 50 and older, and the banks are asking guys riding around on the golf course in their retirement to come back for $1,000 a day” WOW, harsh but true.

EMV™ begin the change in banking, but there more to do.  As an example – processing of payments.  Why can’t there be a Cloud-Based Platform that is built upon an Open Architecture? Not something built by “hacker geeks” in a basement, but rather a team that has extensive experience in the payment and financial service sectors.  Something that is flexible, seamless and smart.

Driven by technology –  A system that is adaptable and developer friendly — which makes onboarding painless and integration with third party applications easy and smooth — A platform that is robust: even one of the first to achieve PCI DSS Level 3.2 compliance.   With tokens for Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, GooglePay, Microsoft Wallet and more.

Committed to customer service and relationship-based business.  Offering a full range of operational

support services. Including turnkey solution covering card production, personalization, and fulfillment — as well as instant and central issuance solutions.

IT DOES EXIST –  Qrails is the next great thing in the Financial Payments Industry.  Allowing you to create your OWN RAILS and handle processing the way that is best suited for your institution, your customers, and your budget.   Qrails Offers:

Ø  Omni-channel processing    Ø  Dedicated account management
Ø  RESTful APIsØ  Easy onboarding and migration
Ø  99.999% uptime commitmentØ  Turnkey Launch Services
Ø  User-friendly dashboards & Settlement ReportsØ  End-to-end instant issuance
Ø  Integrated loyaltyØ  Local and Personal Support


Move into the 21st century with innovative processing from Quantum Rails and Diamond Business Services